Why doesn’t Be Scofield just leave Dr. Cathleen Mann alone?

#cultbuzz (1)Written by: Debra Van Neste

For those that don’t know who Be Scofield is, she is a self-proclaimed journalist who is writing a series of exposes on cult leaders and gurus.  She calls herself a “Hunter.”  I first heard of Scofield through a friend who mentioned she wrote a shocking and daring piece exposing an alleged cult leader named, “Bentinho Massaro.”


Enter Dr. Cathleen Mann. A court qualified cult expert, who is also a friend and someone I represent as her publicist. Dr. Mann mentioned Scofield’s article to me and asked my general opinion.  Dr. Mann mentioned that she heard that Be barely escaped this cult with her life. I then decided to read this article. In fact, Dr. Mann and I read Be’s article for the first time almost simultaneously.

Dr. Mann discussed several vital, troubling points about the comparison with Jim Jones and though I am no cult expert, was equally appalled. Dr. Mann friended Be on Facebook, and they exchanged private messages. This didn’t go too well, as Dr. Mann was outspoken about the mislabeled and erroneous connection. Be was intolerant of that, and could care less.  Instead, Be wanted to work with Dr. Mann for credulity, offering in exchange her enormous talents to make Dr. Mann famous.

Be called herself a “populizer” in private messages, as she always brags.  Always 20,000 views.




Dr. Mann wasn’t interested.  I then suggested to write not a rebuttal piece on the Bentinho article, but an article that addressed the Jim Jones comparison only. Bentinho is still doing well and kicking, as are all the cult leaders Be Scofield is trying to expose with no success.

Unfair Comparions.
Please read my commentary HERE.

Someone alerted me that Dr. Mann was being slandered about co-editing this article on Be’s Facebook page. By a woman who Dr. Mann barely knew or met named Marcy Baruch. Be was all over it and wrote that we did a “hit piece” on her in terms of the Bentinho article we co-wrote. She admits she was in contact with Dr.Mann, “tried to work with her” and she blocked me when I wrote a very civil response.  I should have known better as Dr. Mann was blocked when she tried to respond previously to a Be article.  It upset me to see her being slandered so I tried to rectify things, but Be Scofield’s wasn’t having it. Proof below.




Obviously, with this disagreement, Dr. Mann and I refrained from reposting Be Scofield’s sensational articles and we were open and transparent about how we felt about her shoddy journalism. Every so often one of Be’s friends tried to repost her articles on our pages and we would delete them. We didn’t want to promote junk journalism, and frankly, we do not see her as a person of character. She is just exploiting a popular topic for name and fame.  It could be cults or cats or culture, Scofield is on it.  She does not cite or reference and everyone is anonymous which means she could be making up anything she wants in her articles.

Well, lo and behold, a friend of Be Scofield’s tried to post a bunch of her articles on our pages, yet again and then complained and started slamming Dr. Mann, for now, the third time on Be’s Facebook. To the delight of Be, another series of derogatory remarks followed, and it quickly extinguished after a few posts.


Now in a final attempt to aggravate and engage  Dr. Mann, Be Scofield quotes Dr. Mann in her latest article to gain credulity and for embarrassment. Frankly, it is embarrassing. Dr. Mann does not promote or endorse anything that Be Scofield has written, her quotes are being hijacked on purpose, because I guess if you don’t do what Be says or wants, then she will bully and force the issue.  Something she claims she fights so hard against, she does herself. So, we ask, why can’t Be Scofield leave Dr. Cathleen Mann alone?   Because Be needs credulity and I guess she knows Dr. Mann is the best in the field. However, Dr. Mann is the best because she stands by ethics and the right teachings on cults, something Scofield doesn’t practice nor cares to do.