A Remote Cult in the Jungle of Belize

Written by Katharina Meredith

Following a psychopathic guru and an illegally channeled three thousand year old spirit, Katharina’s parents join a commune in Germany in 1992, when she is ten years old. Following the group to Austria, they turn Katharina and her younger brother over to be supervised by strangers. When the first accusations of child abuse appear, the group of 40 moves to the jungle of Belize. Far from civilization, the leader Arno Wollensak, starts to go on an ego trip, encouraging more abuse and driving the members to the brink of insanity.

When Katharina is 20, another young woman flees the ranch, the group falls apart and she is seemingly free. But recovery is hard when you only have a fourth grade education and barely set foot in the outside world for ten years. With determination and a lot of help, Katharina starts over in the USA, gets a BA in Psychology, speaks out about mind control and destructive groups, and finds her voice in writing.

She is currently creating a workbook for recovery after group coercion and writing about extremism. In 2019 she will start her Ph.D. in Psychology. She offers psycho-education via video conferencing. See her article on recovery at her website www.cult-talk.com. The website has a section specifically for people who were raised in cultic groups, tips for partners of former members, and positive messages to get going and live life on your own terms.

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