Cult Education, Butterflies and Art Therapy Goes Viral Overnight on Facebook.

Art is Heart- is a subsidiary of “Thinking Agenda, LLC” which is represented through a simple page on Facebook and a mention on the company website and on We at (Thinking Agenda, LLC) are primarily an anti-cult organization. Art is Heart started out as a fundraising effort and a butterfly boutique. We most definitely still need funds and support, and at 8000 likes just 2 weeks ago, we were plodding along with sales dripping in, and helping us on a small scale, as we were able to replace some equipment that would be normally out of pocket.

The page went viral in two days on Facebook, and now up 34,000 likes and 36,000 follows, 10,000 follows a day, and it has a serious impact for “Thinking Agenda, LLC.”

Not only is this great for the anti-cult community but for artists, and we are branching out, with interviews planned with featured artists.

So our objective and mission have been expanded to draw awareness towards non-profits, artists, art, art therapy, cult awareness, trauma, and abuse. We will still sell items–but we want to link up and help others.

If you are interested in being on a volunteer art committee for “Art is Heart” email us at

Dr. Cathleen Mann was overseeing “Art is Heart” in terms of the educational aspects (our content is responsible and educational) and vetting out organizations we will work with. Alexandria Van Neste and Steven Van Neste now help oversee this division.

We can pivot this page to be tremendously helpful to many different organizations and artists, so let’s join forces.

So if interested drop us an email us at or private message Debra Van Neste through the Art is Heart Facebook page.


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