Thinking Agenda LLC is exploding with inquiries and needs your help.

We are interested in hearing from you!

Thinking Agenda is a legally registered LLC in Orlando, Florida that focuses on education around cults and undue influence.  We are actively writing, creating, cultivating, connecting, organizing, and building. Through our own grassroots efforts through both our broader organization and our subsidiary “Art is Heart.” We want to help people develop skills and awareness through education in critical thinking.  We also value meaningful action to begin building a future beyond what is available in the anti-cult communities. No person or organization can effect real change alone. We need people like you—your experiences, your wisdom, your ideas, your energy, your abilities, and your strength.

At Thinking Agenda, we want to be a resource for people like us to find each other and multiply our impact by working together. If you share our values and mission, and our ideas inspire you, Thinking Agenda, LLC is eager to hear from you.

We are actively seeking volunteers to help us in more specific ways both immediately and for possible future projects, both at Thinking Agenda, LLC and our “Art is Heart” Project. Here is a partial list of volunteer opportunities.  Apart from the more specific projects outlined below, we want to connect to appropriate volunteers whose values are invested in our mission.  Here are our ideas:

Become an Ambassador for “Art is Heart”

We are seeking to grow Thinking Agenda and the “Art is Heart” platforms through effective online outreach, promotion, communication, and preliminary organizing efforts. People can find and connect with like-minded others in their local communities, and we can effectively grow both.  If this is something you’ve considered, please get in touch. about the possibility of becoming a volunteer.

Help us with digital and social media strategy, outreach, and promotion

Do you have professional experience with helping organizations get the word out about who they are and what they’re all about? We are interested in additional support for efforts around how we can most effectively reach the broader public.

Share your graphic design, art, illustration, photography or video skills

Are you a graphic designer, website designer, or a person with a professional background in the visual arts? Do you work or have substantial skills as a visual artist, photographer, illustrator or filmmaker? We would welcome more multimedia support as we develop our website and other projects.

Take on writing and/or research a project with us

Are you a skilled researcher, writer or journalist with a critical awareness of all things in the anti-cult community?  We’re always looking to develop new research and writing projects.  Contact us with your ideas or let us know that you’re interested in having us call on you to discuss one of our own ideas.

Join our task force or become a researcher

Are you an individual or researcher who understands the serious risks of unethical interventions and the vital importance of effective research? We are looking to build a network of individuals to support one another in ethical anti-cult work. Help us make a difference.

Contact us at if interested. All volunteer time is based only on your availability but we do ask for four hours a month if you want to list us as references and resources after 3 months if, in good standing, that is fine by us.