The Untold Truth: Control or Destroy

Written by Joy Kuo

Part one of a 3 part series on “Kosmic Fusion”


Several years ago I started my spiritual journey by seeking some self-development courses, and joined Kosmic Fusion in December 2012. At the beginning the founders looked genuine to me and I did feel great, I thought I had found my spiritual path and dedicated myself for the volunteer work to organize and run many events for this organization. Somehow circumstances had changed and from being a caring and innocent individual who wants to help humanity ended up to be this beat-down girl that is scared of everything, and worried at not able to survive in this world and even thinking about killing myself if that was an option from what I have experienced  and gone through. Thankfully there’s something greater than me here to protect me and I’ve been taken care of, I was guided to meet some wonderful people with loving hearts to  help me get out of this trauma during my recovery and healing process, so that I have the courage and strength to share my story here.

Phase 1: New Age Teachings

This spiritual group I joined was led by a couple who came from India now living in Auckland, New Zealand; this couple had different names when I joined their “AwaKeNiN & TrAnsForMaTioN workshop” in December 2012, which they claimed to remove people’s lower dense energy body of the 3D/4D grids and people who did the workshop would go back to Source (where our souls originate) after this life time.

After the workshop I was drawn to their “mission” and very involved in the volunteer work since the beginning of 2013. Their teachings were mainly about becoming a sovereign being, not to be trapped in the religious dogmas, etc. that we are our own master and don’t need to rely on anyone. In the following few years I spent averagely 3-4 hours (or more) nearly every day in my spare time to prepare, organize and participate in various exhibitions and events, I sacrificed my time with family and barely had interactions with my husband and my son. Most people in this group knew me as very passionate and devoted to this couple/organization, even the wife often praised me in front of the group of volunteers for my contributions along the way.

In September 2015 I left my full time ($60K+ per year) university library job for Kosmic Fusion work, I also spent AUD 20,000+ to hire a marketing consultant in Taiwan wishing to build Taiwan market for this organisation (I consulted with the wife in front of the husband and other students when we had dinner on the last day of the 2015 retreat) they were OK with it (but later on they laughed at me for having this stupid idea during my “confession” session and framed me to build something for myself). I wasn’t able to progress on anything much after spending so much money because this couple gave big visions but didn’t walk the talk, they also changed how things operated from time to time.

The mission was huge in that it came in different phases (Phase 1, 2, 3…), from time to time they blamed the students still having egos and slowing down the whole mission, i.e. to save the planet earth, and bring people back to Source for soul liberation, etc. They tended to share some New Age “Absolute Teachings” with scientific terminologies in Quantum Physics or metaphysics that were hard for people to comprehend and attracted followers wishing to learn more. The main principles of their teachings during this period were based on the concept of “Oneness”, we are the Source and don’t need any middle man, spiritual guides or channeling etc. as we are sovereign beings.

Phase 2: Adding Some Indian Religion Elements in the Teaching

In the past few years there were a few hundred people who did their workshop worldwide (they are called “5D++ Pulsars”, later on they were claimed to be the “resources of Kosmic Fusion” internally). Among them a group of about 15 students from New Zealand, Dubai, Singapore, Netherlands, Malaysia, India, and Australia joined the “Facilitator in Training (FIT) program” since 2013/2015. This couple started to ask the FIT students to address them as Sree Maa (instead of KaVeeTa) and Shri Ji (instead of SuNiEL) back in 2013. We were not allowed to address them as “he/him, she/her or they/them”, and had to use Indian expressions for greetings. We were not supposed to use “I”, but use “i” instead in writing to express our ego self, etc. it feels like mind control with some language manipulation when looking back. The wife told us she “scans” our energy body every day to monitor us and knows what we are doing 24/7, indicating the FIT students (and some Pulsars) were under the surveillance all the time.

At the beginning the couple called themselves the guardians” of Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse (QVSWPP), the so-called “Mother of all frequencies, energies and vibrations” that they were sharing. During the Kawai PuraPura retreat in New Zealand in mid-2015, we were told the husband is the destroyer “Shiva” and the wife represents the sustainer “Vishnu”. They initiated this close group of students (FITs) to be the “gate keepers” of QVSWPP and all of us received a new name as their “blessings” and these spiritual names are having “higher vibrations”, my name used in this group was changed from “Irene” to “Komal”. The FIT students were encouraged to read “Bhagavad Gita” (an Indian scripture) after the retreat. In late 2015, they had a ceremony in India and claimed thatKaVeeTa & SuNiEL” had left their physical bodies and they fully embodied “Sree Maa Shri Ji” as Satguru / Parabrahman, i.e. the QVSWPP, the Zero point, the Absolute, etc.

From my impression the wife lives a luxury lifestyle especially in the early days. Occasionally she sent personal messages asking me to buy things for her, I paid for her a few pairs of very expensive and trendy optical glasses worth more than AUD 2,000 on top of other irregular contributions. The FIT students were also asked to give them regular money contributions for their constant teachings as Guru. We were trained to support the “Absolute” without questioning, back then I felt it’s my honor to make any contributions.

Phase 3: Reincarnation of Bhagwan Swaminarayan

In mid-2016 during the Taupo retreat in New Zealand, the founders introduced themselves as the “living embodiment” of the Absolute/Source, i.e. QVSWPP, and announced they are the reincarnation of “Bhagwan Swaminarayan” (Indian God/Deity), the wife is the female form and the husband is the male form of embodiment. They are “the One and the Only One” Absolute, and they said “Swaminarayan = Quantum Vortex Scalar Wave Photon Pulse” that is open to everyone (but later on I was forbidden to access).

After the retreat the FIT students were asked to wear Kanthi (beads necklace) and Tilak/Chandlo (dot and U-sharped line on the forehead) as a symbol of devotee and to do Aarti (Indian worship ritual) twice a day, gazing at the founders’ photo (sometimes Swaminarayan’s). After the Aarti we were to do a so-called “Bhakti Bhaav Session” that we offered our devotion and gratitude to the couple in order to receive their “blessings” multi-folds back. After a “re-birth” ceremony at the retreat the FITs became “Satsangis” (truth seeker or devotee) of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. We were required to be 100% in devotion and surrender to them (the Absolute) in order to obtain soul liberation. We have been introduced to do full body prostration to them since 2013 retreat and it has become a normal practice for any physical or online gatherings.

As devotees/Satsangis we were taught to have 4 hours of sleep every day to overcome the “program” that controls the physical body; later on we were asked to fast on Ekadashi days and also to keep 24/7 “daily activity log” and report back to the couple what we did on hourly basis for some period of time. We were asked to listen/sing Kirtans (Indian devotional songs) daily and chant “Swaminarayan” 24/7, most importantly we had to please them so that we’ll have the chance to go to “Akshardham” (God’s abode) after this life. When I stayed with the couple in the “Ashram” in Auckland, the wife once mentioned she is like the “immigration officer”, we will be received by Shreeji Maharaj (Bhagwan Swaminarayan, the Indian God/Deity) with her “stamp” (approval).

When I was in the “Ashram”, I witnessed them cooking and eating a garlic dish which the Indian God/Deity and followers will never eat. They didn’t really follow the rules themselves such as doing the Aarti on time, but they demanded their devotees to follow all these rules strictly because the wife claimed they are the “Absolute”/controller of the universes and can say/do whatever they like.

What happened in the Ashram

In early 2016 the couple rented a big house in Auckland called “Ashram”, initially there were two female devotees from India and Singapore living with them and serving them. Post the retreat in 2016, we were told that we need to get rid of our ego in order to move on for the mission. In the Ashram they started to target the Indian student living with them with a very intensive reflection/confession process. They started with many “discourses” with the Indian student, in some of the sessions she had to kneel down and confess in front of everyone, the local devotees joined the physical meeting and others living outside New Zealand joined online via conference call. The wife was always the one giving the “discourses”, the husband was supporting her and covers the admin and IT related background work, and there’s no doubt they work very closely together.

We were taught it’s the “P.R.O.C.E.S.S” to confess all the wrong doings in order to “come clean” and to get rid of the ego, i.e. the small self, our dark side. In this process the Indian devotee signed a paper to donate her apartment to Kosmic Fusion for the funding of building Mandir/temple to show her devotion; there were also lots of “dramas” happening along with the “P.R.O.C.E.S.S”. Just a few months after the Indian student was put through this forced confession, the Singapore student also living with them became the next target, her process was also very intense, she once told me in person she was nearly going mad and couldn’t tell what’s right or wrong, she also told me she was suicidal during the “come clean” process. 

Between the end of 2016 and early 2017 another two NZ female devotees moved into the Ashram to live with the couple. Soon they were also going through similar treatments, but it did not last as long as the first two devotees. When looking back, I feel this couple created enormous fear and stress for the targeted devotee(s) to control and brainwash the rest as a group, as we also needed to write the same sort of confession letters as well. All the “discourses” in the confession sessions had been recorded and distributed to all devotees and needed to be listened to as the “Absolute teachings” for the highest good.

Part Two to be released soon!