Thinking Agenda announces a Boutique and business line.

Written by: Debra Van Neste

We have an announcement that “Art is Heart” which is a subsidiary of “Thinking Agenda, LLC” an anti cult organization in Orlando, Florida has teamed up with Susan and Brett Brown on Pendant Pinache to offer some of the most beautiful, custom made and affordable Jewelry and introduce our Hot Diggity Bath Bombs, soaps and candles.

For now as we get the product line up and running please like our second page, and we will be offering discounts, specials, giveaways and gifts with orders. If you see something you like on the page to buy please do contact Susan Brown.

Proceeds from our portion of sales will go towards the reformation of an LLC to a non-profit status for our company Thinking Agenda, LLC.

Afterwards, proceeds, sales and donations will be handled through a proper board of directors to ensure the non profit sales are ethically used towards our mission and projects.

So please like our page and we will be having updates.


Author Debra Van Neste, is an educator and the CEO of Thinking Agenda. She writes and researches cults. She is the assistant to Dr. Cathleen Mann. Website designer, SEO specialist, and Editor of “Ethics and The Modern Guru Magazine,” She can be reached at