cult survivors answer the clarion call for expression of self

Do you have what it takes for an art revolution?

By Debra Van Neste

Images by Pixabay

Our culture is the embodiment of toxic passivity. Young people now with phones embedded in their hands, are stuck in their own hybrid that there is the real you and the online you. Social media seems to be splitting us in half identities. In my observation, I think as ex-cult members it can get us in a dangerous loop, where we lose ourselves in our experiences.

The technology is so well crafted that we have adjusted to watching our lives rather than being in our lives.

The pitfalls of getting stuck in our stories are easy. —I was that victim and you were that victim and my cult was worse than yours. One “alleged” advocate even wrote that their cult is more important, and stated on her social media account that “who cares about The Peoples Temple anymore it is their cult that matters now because their cult is active.”

As we strive to be advocates for our own identity, we have the capacity to use social media and our experiences to a responsible educational level and advocacy.

This is one of the reasons we at Thinking Agenda, promote and believe in art as a gateway towards self-awareness. Art is your voice and view that is uniquely your own. You don’t have to sell your art to be an “artist” because you simply are. You are the embodiment of all your experiences, and through any expression that becomes your truth and stands alone. You are a design of nature and an embodiment of your own truth. Something a cult destroys or tries to.

The 100 Art Kit Mission is a directive to give away 100 Art Kits to children, teachers, hospitals and ex-cult members. One of the reasons the 100 Art Kit Mission is very important, is to open these possibilities to children, ex-cult members, and places of healing and learning. Maybe because of your support, a future Picasso will be inspired. Maybe because of you someone looks to art and not something harmful to cope with.

Please help us give those “keys” out. Share, like and subscribe, and be involved with the 100 Art Kit Mission. For a more detailed explanation, there is an article pinned on this website or simply click here. Ignite the revolution for art, empowerment, self-growth and turn the light on for critical thinking and self-expression.

Contact Debra Van Neste for more information and how you can help the 100 Art Kit Mission. Phone: 800-728-1795