When Art Flutters Away into a Reflection of a Legend

Artist April Kitchen creates a breath taking Butterfly Pendant For the 100 Art Kit Mission.

April Kitchen and her Butterfly Copper Pendant

April Kitchen is one of the most talented wire wrap artists in the USA. She has clients worldwide. She was one of the first to help us with the 100 Art Kit Mission. Unknowingly she created a butterfly pendant that reflected an old Louisiana legend of “The Butterfly Sisters” we attached it to her piece and work of art as she brought the story to life. We have the exclusive rights to the story, which will be part of a novel series.

The Girl Who Turned Herself into a Butterfly.
. . .
Once there was a set of twin sisters as close as light and shadows. One was a child born of magic, and one wasn’t. At a young age they had to be pried apart from each other and they wept as they were torn apart by their fighting parents.

The child born of magic unknowingly turned herself into a butterfly during the night and flew away when morning came. She was joyful she could visit her sister; but came to the sorrowful conclusion her life would not last longer than two weeks.

They heard of an incantation that might help and it turned the butterfly into a necklace so the two can be together for eternity.

This exquisite piece of art inspired by this legend, is a new limited edition made only for the 100 Art Kit Mission. Contact the artist April Kitchen. Yes it is very reasonable, affordable, and made just for you. Available in copper for $30.00 plus postage or silver at $40.00 with our commission going to the 100 Art Kit Mission. April can customize the stone or your choice.

To order contact us at admin@thinking-agenda.com Please see her other beautiful creations and works of art at https://www.facebook.com/tangarivautourfinejewelry