“Ethics and The Modern Guru” now becomes a platform for women by women on the dangers of cults and undue influence.

By Debra Van Neste


An Anti Cult Magazine comes back out illuminating with a new look, leadership and format.

“Ethics and The Modern Guru” is a subsidiary of Thinking Agenda, LLC. an anti cult organization with all women leadership. It was a magazine originally founded by a team of cult and guru watchers. It is sold on Amazon with a Kindle version. The first issue was free and went viral. Dr. Cathleen Mann became our educational consultant and mentor. As we begin to spin the wheel forward towards the next issue of the magazine– one of our goals is to concentrate on research and education from women in various fields of their expertise.

We want to highlight 5 women who are outstanding in their work, expertise, knowledge, and research. This where you can help us with your recommendations on women leadership. This is not a vote or poll but for your input.

There will be a call for papers put out in the next few days.

In the meantime we are offering a special on purchasing the latest two softcover copies direct from us with a significant savings from buying on Amazon.

Both former editions softcover copies are now $16.00 postage paid. USA.

For our international supporters, we suggest the Kindle version.
Our paypal is guruleaks@gmail.com
We can invoice you if interested.

Email us at admin@thinking-agenda.com

Written by Debra Van Neste

Images by Pixabay