“Ethics and The Modern Guru” evolves to become an independent publishing platform on cults

By Debra Van Neste

Updated 09/24/21

Ethics and The Modern Guru was a magazine sold on Amazon, originally created by myself, working with different teams of cult watchers, writers, and ex -survivors. We were a small grassroots online magazine on “cults” inspired to make a difference exposing harmful ideologies, endorse reform, and promote education on red flags of manipulation. In total, we published 4 publications in a collaborative effort to expose cults and cult leaders. We were the first to expose Teal Swan, in our second issue. Our publications are still currently sold and will remain on Amazon with a Kindle version. The first issue was free and went viral.

When the former Dr Cathleen Mann and I created “Thinking Agenda” an LLC based as an educational resource center about cults and undue influence, we integrated “Ethics and The Modern Guru” as a branch or subsidiary. As we collaborated, I became more involved in legal research and consulting. I have decided it is in the company’s best interest that “Ethics and the Modern Guru” becomes the name of our own publishing company, rather than an independent journal with that name. We are expanding towards e-publications and working one on one with researchers. The GuruEthics.com web site will be discontinued to embrace the new changes. If you are interested in more information please email us at admin@thinking-agenda.com.

Images by Pixabay