Freedom of Mind Until you Criticize

I am addressing some feedback regarding some harsh, slanderous criticisms of my partner Dr. Cathleen Mann. Dr. Mann is not only a friend but an educator on “Thinking Agenda” our anti cult organization in Orlando, Florida. When I write “educator” this is what makes her who she is. In everything she writes and communicates, she seeks to educate, clarify and elucidate. When there was some misinformation written about The Peoples Temple she sought to clear this up as this is her job and public service. She incorporated this in a remembrance to a wonderful woman, Laura Kohl. A woman we were honoring who stood for truth and was a good friend to both of us. Word got back to us that this allegedly infuriated the author of these statements, who is Steven Hassan.

As is his pattern, Hassan never posts himself or corrects the record, but sends his attack dog of the week and he can’t even get his information straight. Dr. Mann has never written about false memories nor testified in any legal case about them. If comments hurt the fragile ego of Steven Hassan, he sounds more like a cult leader than an anti cult advocate. Let him come forward with some details himself to give a full picture of what he really spends his time on and the obscene amount of money he charges. There’s the real outrage. And ask him why after 40+years, Hassan cannot still get one expert witness case now or in history. Dr Mann has only testified about cults and indoctrination. Nothing else.

So much for “rising above” as Mr Hassan “preaches” and claims he does. The only thing Dr. Mann does is her job, which is being an expert witness on cults and undue influence. Please do tell us Mr. Hassan about your recent work in being an expert witness, we would love too hear all about it.

Written by Debra Van Neste

About me: I am the CEO of Thinking Agenda, LLC, an anti cult organization and I hold subsidiaries as publisher of “Ethics and The Modern Guru” a magazine on cults and undue influence, sold on Amazon. I am, along with Dr. Mann the founder of Art is Heart. I research, and study cults and undue influence. I will be doing a presentation on the MIND model in Orlando, Florida. I have known and worked with Dr. Mann for close to five years, as a media specialist, and assistant. I am married with one child and reside in Orlando Florida. Reach me at