Is QAnon A Cult? An Expert Weighs In.

Dr. Cathleen Mann who was a Judicially Qualified Cult Expert, was asked about QAnon in which she shared her professional opinion and made this public statement. Dr. Mann was one of the top cult experts in the country in terms of education, research and cult litigation.
Dr Mann passed away November 21, 2020.

Question: Do you consider QAnon to be a cult?

Dr Cathleen Mann: I think it has those tendencies, yes. It is heterogeneous and so tied into already existing systems that I don’t think it stands alone as a cult. It relies on deception and indoctrination to function, true. I would call it an umbrella movement which causes smaller cults, some christian, some paranoid sociological, some into dark violence. There is no central leader so it doesn’t meet most definitions of a cult. Those pseudo experts that try to cram it in their model are ego packing.

ABOUT DR.MANN: Cathleen Mann, PhD, had consulted in about a hundred cases involving cults, undue influence, psychological influence, and related areas. Qualified by a court of law as an expert in 16 states,  Dr. Mann had extensive experience with the qualification process required to be allowed to testify as an expert.  Dr. Mann had extensive experience evaluating children and testifying as to the impact a particular group and/or leader/ship has made on the children and his/her family. Dr Mann passed away November 21, 2020.