Cult Buzz


From what I am observing atheists and humanists are likely to becomes the new leaders in charge of combating cults in the future. That’s because many atheists understand that it’s not about beliefs, but rather behaviours such as abuse, undue influence, and coercive persuasion. They prioritize cult awareness and education over beliefs. Cult Awareness and education are important to them as community resources towards critical thinking. Members of the clergy do not see cults from a psychological perspective they see it from a belief standpoint. It is essential to include everyone who believes in critical thinking, and education, that doesn’t blindly preach their way into what they believe is the right interpretation of the bible, or other sacred texts or alleged mystical teachings.

The ethical alliance I am announcing today is with Damien Marie Athope, a prominent leader in this field, some of our projects entails arranging interviews to promote our work and what we can do to work well together. Over the years, prominent anti-cult organizations worked with faith-based groups who claim to help raise awareness against cults but instead some of these groups may push deprogramming as well as their own religious agenda.

Damien Marie Athope

Getting people to understand the perils of cults is the purpose of Thinking Agenda LLC. We are an educational recovery program and are here to serve the community thru partnerships, ethical alliances with educators, activists, advocates, and academics. Since 2014, I have worked as an assistant for Dr Cathleen Mann, a judicially qualified cult expert. In November of last year, she passed away, and I hope our vision can connect with others promoting education. An important piece of Thinking Agenda always belongs to her. More to come as Damien and I are talking about projects to advance critical thinking, his work and my work. If you have any questions for me or on the topic of cults or for Damien Marie Athope you email us and fill out the form below.

More TBA soon.