The mind model of cults promotes empowerment thru education

Written by Debra Van Neste and Sharon Tyson-Tovar

Some people who have never been in a cult may find it difficult to understand what cult survivors go through, and they may feel it could never happen to them. For those interested in broadening their horizons, let me introduce “The MIND Model of Cults and Undue Influence, via live presentations in support of one of the fundamental structures, in the education on cults. Your attendance at this educational seminar will empower many! Those that will benefit from the seminar are not only cult survivors, but also leaders in the community, lawyers, teachers and it will also help families.


The MIND model of cults and undue influence is a cited cult model, and it was accepted as a cult model in a written expert report against a cult leader, in which the case was won, and justice was served. The author, who was judicially qualified as a cult expert in 15 states, was Dr Cathleen Mann, who passed away in November 2020.

The MIND Model of cults and undue influence workshop will teach cult dynamics and expand the definition of undue influence. The workshops will begin in Orlando, Florida, in a series of small responsibly well-spaced workshops, following CDC protocol. The workshops are FREE of charge. The knowledge of “the red flags of manipulation,” jolt your senses and undoubtedly make you more aware of deceptive behaviours in seemingly unethical groups. If you live in Florida and are interested in knowing the times and locations when we present, just subscribe to this website for updates. We are looking at a November launch and anticipate publishing a workbook.

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