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We are dedicated to adding a directory of mainly social media pages of independent researchers, survivors, of cults. This is a very new site, and we will be adding new pages several times a week.  (subscribe for updates) Most of these Facebook pages or other type of social media sites have links to their main sites. The reason we like to showcase social media pages is that often more time is spent on social media than on websites. Our own social media page reach is 100x more than our websites, often having 10,000 views weekly.  People work very hard and engage on their pages so we will be adding various social media pages only, with only select hard links to websites.  We are very active in the social media community ourselves.  If requested and linked back, we will add traditional sites.  We realize that Facebook pages and other social media accounts get deleted and discarded. Please let us know if we have dead links by emailing us at if you want to add your page write us and we will look it over.

Links of supporters, staff, friends and family  : 

Monica Pignotti

Jonestown (Laura Kohl)

Kathryn Barbour 

Academic organizations and studies of religious groups and movements:

African Association for the study of religion


Academic studies in Germany


Facebook pages on cults:


Jehovah Witness

The Peoples Temple