Dr.Cathleen Mann

An expert on cults who never gives up.

We live in an era, where electronic media and self-promotion is simply integrated and natural. Many of us, have websites and are online thru various facets of social media. There are over 100 well known social media outlets that one can blog on, report news, post on bulletin boards, pin pictures, curate news and the list goes on and on, not even mentioning the YouTube celebrity world of video blogging, podcasting, and radio.

In the world of cults, due to recent interest and expose of organizations such as “Scientology” there has been a huge growth of websites, blogs, and intense scrutiny on cults. Topics such as mind manipulation, trauma, and tragic accounts of child abuse in cults, affect us in such a way, that we can feel uninformed, helpless and frustrated. With some recent world events of shootings and terrorism, many of us wonder, can this sort of events have been prevented, with the right education, and are there red flags on cultish behaviour?

There has been a burst of self-proclaimed expert organizations and individuals that have come out to exploit this fear, with various books and an avalanche of self-promotion as “cult experts” and life coaches.

One woman who has stayed out of the glaring limelight yet who is one of the foremost experts on cults is Dr Cathleen Mann, who has PhD in psychology and has held a counselling license in Colorado, since 1994. Dr. Mann maintains her own Facebook page in which she engages in educating people about cults, posts articles, and volunteers her expertise in several forums about cults. While being contacted regularly by the media, Dr Mann chooses carefully.

She is the top requested expert on cults, and is well known and sought after by many lawyers as she is a court qualified expert in the area of high demand groups (cults) and family, child custody, and individual issues. Her services include criminal, family, and civil case consultation. Diagnostic assessment and evaluation, court-ordered evaluations, child custody consultation, expert testimony. Consultation support for lawyers, investigations, and reports.

You won’t see her on Oprah and Dr Phil, but she will face “head on” any judicial hearing, and after meticulous preparation, giving her testimony, and using the legal system to bring accountability to cults. Often her testimony is a deciding factor in the outcome of a case involving a high demand group. An extensive list of some of the groups she has testified against is listed on her Facebook page and website at CultExpert.net along with articles and informative conversations.

“Many cults are not religious or spiritual at all, and it’s not about only beliefs, mere religions, or spiritual systems, but the culture and unchecked power, so analysis of their belief system is secondary. Those who say they are, almost always are using it, for marketing or legal protection reasons” states Dr Mann.

In a world where everyone wants to be a celebrity and expert, Dr Mann fights and protects people from the dangers of cults, and after 30 years, she still is silently winning the battle, one cult at a time.

For more information go to CultExpert.Net