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1/23/18  Our new issue of “Ethics and The Modern Guru” will be out very shortly! We are on a variety of projects, we are swamped and working hard. We have fallen in love with Medium and our online magazine is now over there. We are migrating many of our articles from our personal accounts on a magazine platform. It’s a process and we are having many of our articles re-edited and polished up. The articles will be featured here too for more content, however, Medium has such a strong internal audience that even if there is duplicate material, it leads a new audience and brings awareness to what we do as advocates.


Debra Van Neste’s blog series debuts today! Feel free to share!


Steven Van Neste is working on an article of the cult of Santa Muerte, it will be premiered here, and later outsourced to our Facebooks and media blogs.  So subscribe!  His articles which are quite long will also be converted to short free e-books as he writes new articles.


For those that do link exchanges, honourable mentions, we are giving away our cult awareness “no mind hacks” bracelets. We gave away over 500 and just have about 100 left so we have to give the last batch out as a way of saying thanks for the support.  USA only, let us know where you linked to us, and we will send it out.


We want at least 100 links to Facebook pages and social media on cults, so again, contact us if you have a page or website.