About Steven and Debra Van Neste

Steven and Debra Van Neste, are the dynamics behind the launch of this new site, and their organization is a legally registered LLC in Florida, named “Thinking Agenda” they publish a one time for free e-magazine,  for public awareness on cults, along with a paid publication through Amazon and Kindle, titled “Ethics and The Modern Guru.”

Steven and Debra want to bring critical thinking to schools and be advocates for critical thinking as not only as “aftercare” for those who have survived cults but in the prevention of undue influence.

They also host a variety of forums and Facebooks on cult awareness and undue influence.

This is the only magazine on cults offered to the public without any membership affiliations.

“The Peoples Temple”  issue sold over 5000 issues just through Kindle alone.  The magazine got a five-star review from a court recognized expert on cults, Dr. Cathleen Mann.


They decided to expand into developing a website to offer more direct resources, references, and research-oriented material into cults and undue influence. Working together with local agencies and non-profits, they hope to spotlight the good work of others and offer their own resources towards critical thinking.

Though GuruEthics.com will always be avail to offer the information to buy their current issue, and our new online magazine on Medium is their free resource as an online magazine, the goals of cultscults.com will be developed to offer direct education on cults, highlight future podcasts, and spotlight writers, survivor stories, and much more.

Ethics and The Modern Guru
Our current and most recent issue sold on Amazon.

For more information on Steven Van Neste, there is an interview on Youtube on our main site, at GuruEthics.com.

Our company site is at Thinking-agenda.com