Our social media services for free


cultadvocateFor a limited time, Debra Van Neste will offer her social media skills to assist non-profits in social media marketing. She can create small websites, Facebook pages, Twitter, Alignable, and much more.  She offers help with graphics and banners. She will give advice and discreet direction on your social media marketing.  The restrictions are:

  1. She does not help with layered multi-level websites, she will do very basic free templates, blog setups, etc.
  2. Her time is limited and will give two hours of her time, with a max. of four hours due to demands.
  3. Limited to non-profits and awareness oriented small business start-ups.
  4. Does not do video or audio productions or transcribing.
  5. Does not procure getting likes or stats up on pages or sites.
  6. Prefers to work with charities or organizations that highlight cults, abuse, social causes, general awareness of health, safety.  She does not do fan pages on celebrities or products, crafts or works with any type of modeling, or talent oriented pages.
  7.  In exchange for her time, she requests a link on your page, blog or website and a fixed link on your Facebook page for one year, if she created it.
  8.  Contact her at admin@thinking-agenda.com  with details on your organization and what you are stuck on.  She prefers email exchange at first.
  9. She has the right to turn down any requests, and/or to terminate her services for any reason whatsoever, without notice. She can only take on so many projects and has blackout months where she cannot take any more projects.
  10. She retains all the copyrights to her images, banners.