Thinking Agenda: Publicists and Education Specialists

When we publish your story we normally conduct an interview over the phone. Depending on the quality of the recording we might transcribe.   These are just some of the social media platforms we put your story and news item on:

iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Anchor FM, and Spotify. Vimeo, Soundcloud, Mixcloud and Youtube. On 7 anti-cult education Facebook pages. Redditt, Odyssey, Twitter, Instagram, Mogul, Bored Panda, Playbill, Medium, Linkedin, Minds,  Buzzfeed and on Hype news. On our cult news newspaper and on our website at

Sometimes other anti-cult platforms will pick up our stories and add them to their feed.

What we charge –Zero.

We value relationships and trust. Some people are coming out for the very first time and are fragile. Some anti-cult orgs, even charge thousands just for a mention of your story on their page and website.

So come to us, we do have a small staff and limited time but we can usually do something for you.  

If you blog, write articles on cults, the law and cults, research, come to us first.  If you are with the press or media, we can help in procuring experts and leads.  Contact us at